Media planning services.

We have the following tools for measuring and monitoring  media audiences (television, radio, press, outdoor, digital, social networks …) for any campaign target audience, so we optimise marketing budgets in order to be able to impact effectively on the desired audience, through segmentation and analysis. For example:

Permanent online connection to the Kantar Media Institute with instantaneous reporting of television audiences, in addition to all the spot and programme broadcasts. This is an essential tool for television campaigns as it is useful both for the pre-evaluation of campaigns (estimation of GRP, impacts, coverage, frequencies, etc.) and for their follow-up and reconstruction (broadcasting time, position in the advertising block, rating obtained, etc.).

It is also useful for analysing the campaigns carried out on television by our competitors (we can obtain the periods, formats, Day Part Mix, etc. their GRP, coverage, …).

COMSCORE is another example of the essential planning tool we have. World leader in the measurement of the digital world and source of data on the consumption of portals and web pages in the world, in Spain and the Canary Islands.